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Imelco expands into Russia

Hanover, Germany - December 23rd, 2013

After the recent affiliation of IMARK Group in July 2012, IMELCO, the worldwide largest group of independent electrical wholesalers, is set to conquer a new country in 2014.

IMELCO, the leading consortium of independent electrical wholesale companies in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada, provides essential and worthwhile support to its members by focusing on the significant role of independent electrical distributors, as well as the growing importance of cross-border cooperation. During the extraordinary General Assembly in London this year,

IMELCO members unanimously decided to further expand business by approving membership of the RUSSIAN ASSOCIATION OF ELECTROTECHNICAL COMPANIES (RAEC) as of January 1st, 2014. IMELCO now operates in 20 countries and includes 14 groups.

RAEC, a relatively young group, is the first Russian syndicate of independent electrical wholesalers. All of the currently seven associated companies (AVS-electro, Electrocomplect, Electrocomplectservice, Elevel, ElectroMIR, URAL Energo and Cable-Electrica) have been on the market for 10 to 15 years, each of them a leader in their respective regional markets. It is highly likely that more independent wholesalers will join next year. The whole RAEC group has 145 POS and a total turnover of over EUR 440 million.

“Russia is a strategically important market for us and we are delighted to have won a new partner who is relatively young but a very dynamic cooperative member,” says Elena Reignier, Managing Director of IMELCO. RAEC is pleased that it can benefit from the expertise of the existing independent IMELCO members and is grateful for the opportunity to play an active part in the continuance of the global family-run business.

The clear long-term strategy of the IMELCO group is to further tighten an international network of family-run electrical wholesalers, thus offering the supplier a federated global cooperation of independent distribution partners.

To learn more about IMELCO’s new addition, please contact:
Mrs. Elena Reignier
Managing Director
IMELCO S.p.r.l.
(Operational Headquarters)
Werftstrasse 15
30163 Hannover
Tel.: +49 511 61 599 14

Mr. Mark Pikanin
Managing Director
Российская Ассоциация Электротехнических Компаний 111524
Москва, ул.Электродная, д.2, стр.33
Tel: +7 916 692 20 90

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